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HELP - Is there a Gremlin Doctor in the House?

HoosUrDaddi Dec 1, 2004

  1. HoosUrDaddi

    HoosUrDaddi New Member

    I had some work done to my 2.7 A6 which was pretty straightforward. Changed timing belt kit, water pump, thermostat, crankshaft seal and camshaft seal. All went well, I think. Later that day I had a Terk Commander XM receiver installed.

    Then some strange things started happening. My "door open" indicator lamps showed 3 doors open, my overhead dome lights flickered. When I opened the door, I had no dome lights. Also, my electric windows stopped working. I know that the radio installer had difficulty getting the radio unit seated back in the frame. he seemed to think that the frame of the radio was part of some grounding system???

    I replaced fuse 14 which is the interior dome light fuse and everything works fine, the lights work, the windows open, etc. I drive a few minutes and the same things happen again. I check the same fuse and find it blown. I went thru 4 fuses.

    The radio works fine, the XM receiver works fine, but that same fuse continues to blow.

    PLEASE HELP if you have had any similar experiences.



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