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Help! Interior swap for leather - how to get the rear door cards out on a 3dr?

Jibaro Jun 8, 2011

  1. Jibaro

    Jibaro New Member

    Hi all,
    I've got a nice full leather interior to replace the cloth in my 3dr A3 2.0TQ, but I've got limited knowledge and skills and I'm having trouble removing the rear door cards / side panels with the rear speakers covers in them. I have done lots of searches but can't really find a full How To on the site or the web for an interior swap, although some posts have been useful particularly the andymac stealth sub instal pdf.

    I've removed the rear seat base and seat backs ok. I have started on the passenger side and have been able to detach the panel from most of the clips, but I can't see how I'm to remove the top rear of the panel. The seatbelt goes through a slot in the panel, so am I to unbolt the seatbelt? Do I have to remove the boot side panel covering the sub etc, and the rear parcel shelf surround with the boot light in it? The top of the panel at the back seems to be attached to under the c-pillar trim/roof lining somehow. I've started to damage the panel at the rear edge by tugging at it and it fouling the parcel shelf surround, so I must be doing something wrong!

    Is anyone able to post up some elsa instructions - I have bought the discs but had no success loading them on to my laptop with windows 7 :think:
  2. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Probably best to get your Elsawin working as there is a lot of trim to come out to get that panel out :-

    Side trim (rear)
    Remove A-pillar trim (bottom)
    Remove rear seat bench
    Remove sill panel trim
    Take floor covering out of luggage compartment.
    Remove 1/3 section of rear seat backrest
    Remove 2/3 section of rear seat backrest
    Disengage securing cords from rear lid retainer and pull rear shelf to rear, out of mountings on side trim of luggage compartment.
    Remove rear cross panel trim
    Remove luggage compartment side trim
    Remove outer floor panel anchorage point (rear)
    Unclip cover
    Remove bolt
    Unclip side trim (rear), starting at rear top.
    Pull seat belt out of slot in side trim (rear)
    Take out side trim (rear)
  3. Jibaro

    Jibaro New Member

    After much faffing, I managed to get the rear panels swapped. But now I've had a problem swapping the front seats. My old seats had electric lumbar, the newer leather ones don't, but they are heated whereas my old ones weren't. So I was expecting the connector plugs to differ a bit and they did, but the yellow plugs that I thought were the air-bag connections were the same so I thought I should be ok. But after swapping the seats and plugging back up, the air-bag warning light is on even though I disconnected the battery before starting. On my old seats both passenger and driver seat had 3 plugs, one big one with just a brown wire in pin 5 and a red/white wire in pin 8, plus a little black plug with 2 wires, and the yellow airbag plug with black brown blue. The leather seats that I've now put in had the big plug and yellow plug on both seats, but the small black plug on the drivers side only. The Big connectors had the brown wired to pin 5 I think, and another 3 wires into various pins which I assumed were for the seat heaters. I didn't think the big connectors would make any difference to the airbag so I just connected them back up.

    Any ideas where I'm going wrong anyone? Is it not as simple as I thought, or maybe there was a bit of charge left in the car even though I'd disconnected the battery? Or am I likely to have dislodged the wire for the airbag plugs while hamfistedly disconnecting them? Anyone know a good auto electrician with VCDS near Tadworth/Epsom who could help me sort this out before I go on and mess up the door cards next?!
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  4. asasprey

    asasprey Member

    Mate it just needs resetting. Take it to any garage and 20.00 later it will be off. I took all the seats out of an Audi q7 to clean it at work and put them back in after. Customer test drove the car for a week. Didn't buy it. I got inside and saw the airbag light on and realised I forgot to reset it after I reconnected them, so I used my scanner and reset the light and its all good.

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