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Help identifying the problem - weird DSG noise

mfractal Jul 27, 2013

  1. mfractal

    mfractal Member

    Hey all.
    Helping a friend here, he doesn't speak english so i'm translating his description of the problem.

    His 2011 DSG A3 2.0 tsi, when downshifting, from 4,500 rpm till the shift occurs does a noise that can best be described as the noise manual transmission cars do when they go in reverse.

    It also appears above 4,500rpm when accelerating stongly till it shifts up.
    It is more audiable in the 1-4 gears, 5th and 6th the noise is there but lower.

    VCDS Scan is clean.

    He went to two different audi authorized service centers, in one they said its normal (it isn't), in the other they said its the (HPFP ????)

    Any ideas or things he could check ?

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