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HELP Headlight Range Warning light on B7 3.0 TDI

V6 Quatt Dec 13, 2012

  1. V6 Quatt

    V6 Quatt Well-Known Member

    I have a 3.0 TDI B7 2006

    Hope you can help,

    Today I have the headlight range warning light on my DIS since removing the fuse 5 amp fuse by mistake (whilst looking for another fuse for cigarette lighter that had blown now replaced and o.k) everything was fine before!!

    I had my mate scan with VCDS and he tried to clear the Headlight Range warning symbol on the DIS but could'nt as the error reading came up as: Right Power Module low output 2234 /GG68.

    I assume its the power pack Ballast on the Xenon. I rang audi and they said the part number for the power module is 8P0907391

    I have NO flickering, and the Xenons self Adjust up, down side to side when ingnition and lights switched on.

    Im confused!!. If any one can help in any way It would be appriciated as it's doing my head in.

    Im prepared for some one to have a look and fix / point me in direction so I can get the exact part replaced if required.

    I am based in West Midlands

    Thanks in advance
  2. V6 Quatt

    V6 Quatt Well-Known Member

    Here is a image of the Symbol:

  3. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    Not too sure on your problem, but one of xenon lights (nearside) on my car began flickering every now and again then went away later during the night. Might be something to do with the cold weather. Have you checked the fuse again?
  4. ben.w93

    ben.w93 Member

    I had flickering issues on my previous b7, ended up replacing the bulbs when I had the front end off, that solved it, yours sounds more like the ballast, my dad had the same issue with the ballast on his A8, Audi fixed it under warranty.

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