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Help getting my bad turbo rebuilt?

mike85 May 5, 2004

  1. mike85

    mike85 New Member

    Hi all my first time here and already a question.
    I have an 85 audi 5000 turbo with the kh engine and the turbo is blowing oil out like crazy,I have also heard that the valve seals in this engine are problematic and can sometimes do this aswell.I need to find a new turbo or a rebuilt one for a reasonable price would anyone be able to direct me to a really good turbo retailer or machine shop?I live in canada but will have it done in the US as the good places are all there I would imagine. The turbo is the k-26 and is a smaller version on the 85 than in the 86-up t/q's as I was told.Thanks for the help in advance


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