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Help!!! Fuel leak!

sebbelcher Mar 7, 2010

  1. sebbelcher

    sebbelcher Member

    Hi guys,

    My A4 has been smelling a bit petrolly in the morning recently, and I took it out today with the roof down and almost gagged on the fumes.

    Checked under the car and there was a definite slow fuel leak on the drivers side, in line with the door pillar, not dripping, but the panels were wet with petrol.

    Any idea what it would be around this area of the car?

  2. cobraBLACK

    cobraBLACK Chocolate? It's doo-doo, baby!

    I had a fuel leak recently and it turned out to be an injector. It wasn't going any further than on top of the manifold though as it was bubbling and evaporating.

    This is a V8 S4 though so I've no idea how A4 engines are configured (regarding placement of injectors).

    Mine was down to the fuel rails being removed and the one-use o-rings not being replaced by a previous owner.

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