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Help finding Aerial/Booster in boot of Audi A4/B6 Cab

chuckys3 Apr 30, 2010

  1. chuckys3

    chuckys3 Member

    I've got a problem with radio reception with my audi symphony, CD player and cassette works fine but radio reception on am/fm crackles.

    I believe the antenna is in the boot somewhere, but I had a look but can't seem to find where it is.

    Anyone have a pic or where aerial runs from my radio as something gotta be up with the antenna/or the antenna booster, I don't wanna go to the dealer as they will charnge my an arm and a leg, its an audi a4 cab.

  2. blackpool1974

    blackpool1974 Member VCDS Map User

    Take off your warning triangle int the boot and undo a screw on the right hand side.

    then pull off the liner and you will have 2 amps in there, the left hand side one has all your radio connections plugged in

    The rubber tube between the car and the boot lid on the left is usually the problem, all the opening and closing weakens the cables inside
  3. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    blacky is once again correct !
    this is deffo your problem, ive repaired many now for people.
    put your radio on fairly loud so you can hear it from the rear of the car, then wiggle about the the rubber tube containing the ariel feeds, youll hear your reception come and go if you catch it in the right place.
    with the boot action, up and down, this causes the ariel lead to break down/crease/snap strands etc.
    a new one can be ran, or simply pull the rubber back, cut out the damaged section and rejoin the inner and outer strands ( seperately obviously ).
    fiddly as there all very snug in the rubber but a fairly easy , cost free repair.
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  4. astra194

    astra194 New Member

    I'm sure this is what's happened to my car. So I pulled the cables out of the rubber tube to try and determine which was faulty and now I can't get the radio to work no matter how much wiggling I do. I was kind of surprised to see two aerial cables in the tube, or is it three. One with a beige plug (radio antennae) one with a curry plug (radio zf) and another that appears to be earthed and then taped to the boot lid, along with another brown earth lead. And then there's a fourth cable with a black plug that goes to a second box in the boot. What's all that about?

    Is there an easy way to test which cable is faulty, and how hard would it be to buy and then install a new one. Alternatively, does anybody have recommendations for a good but cheap auto audio technician?
  5. Geddy

    Geddy New Member

    my boot aerials stopped working and so the concert radio was useless, so I got a nice DAB radio with bluetooth and all that *****, usb etc. and put it in instead. I had to put a DAB and new FM aerials too, just cheap sticky back ones off eBay. Grand job ! Those Concert radios were rubbish ! the in car amp works great with the new JVC ( cost less than £100 ). Water gets in through the seals around the centre brake light and does as much harm in there as the fatigue in the aerial with to the boot lid. I siliconed mine up and its dry as a bone now. Does anyone think I should wash my car this year or just leave the dirt to protect the paint work to another year or two ?

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