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Arf Aug 19, 2006

  1. Arf

    Arf Member

    I would really appreciate any help u guys could give me. I was driving my a4(b6 tdi quattro 53plate) yesterday when my esp light came on amber and stayed on it wont go off. then within about 2mins the coil symbol which i think is the glow plug indicater started flashing. my window wipers are also stopping higher up than normal they kinda bounce up after a stop them they go down as if normal then move back up about 6inch. Can any1 tell me whats up with the car is it a common fault???

    I have another question recently i have noticed a grinding noise when breaking to a hault from a slow speed when the steering wheel is turned left its not my brakes cos they have recently been done and i have standard 17in alloys so a would appreciate any help with that also

  2. vincenzo_2k

    vincenzo_2k New Member

    Hi there,
    I just came across your post about your problems with a4.
    I hope you got your problems sorted with the minuimum of cost and hassle. For one thing it was aug 06 wehn you posted and secondly I have suffering the same problems now with my car.
    I was hoping if you get this that you might be able to let me know what the problem is, cost etc and how to get it fixed?
    My car is a late 2001 a4 tdi(b5??). Its synmptoms are identical to yours, just about. Got hit recently by a parking car(who quickly left the scene) and ESP light stayed on- a memory thing i think. Then this eveening esp stayed on, and after a few minutes coil light flashing. Very worrying and of course the worst timing too.
    I have been looking and not sure if it is a coil problem, or an indicator of problems with brake lights?
    Anyway any help would be much appreciated!


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