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Help!!! - DIY sky hd upgrade

bena3turbo Oct 25, 2007

  1. bena3turbo

    bena3turbo Genuine Dude

    Ive read a lot people on here have bought their own hd boxes and upgraded their subscriptions with sky. ive just done the same but im having a few connection problems.

    I originally had a normal sky digibox and went straight to an HD one. The problem is the HD box has 2 dish inputs where the original box only had one. I've upgraded my subscription with sky but I still get the ''no satellite signal is being received'' message.

    Do i need to change the wiring from the dish so i have 2 inputs for the HD box? If so, how?

    thanks in advance :)
  2. mitch78

    mitch78 Active Member

  3. bena3turbo

    bena3turbo Genuine Dude

    Cheers Mitch. We've already got a quad LNB and Ive paired up the card with the new box. Got a guy coming to to the wiring on monday morning.
    Cant wait!

    Thanks bud :D

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