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Help create a virtual Audi Museum! May 20/22

MAC_ACNA Dec 22, 2004


    MAC_ACNA New Member

    Mark your calendars now!

    Several Audi Enthusiast groups have joined together to create the largest, deepest, broadest single group of Audi's in one spot ever in May 2005 at the 2005 Carlisle PA Import Nationals - May 20-22, 2005.

    - Everyone is invited to join in!
    - We're going to have 3 side-by-side areas on the showfield - NSU - ACNA - 4000/CGT - a virtual rolling Audi museum!
    - The Urq group is going to be with the 4000/CGT group.
    - Everyone is invited to join in! You don't need to be an NSU Enthusiasts USA, DKW Club nor ACNA member to participate.
    - $15 is the Carlisle registration fee for you, your car, and one guest for all three days.
    - Registering can be done online, and each group has slightly different (but not complicated) registration information so please visit/contact the proper resource:

    --- NSU (email rcincala@salsgiver.com)
    --- DKW visit www.dkwclub.org
    --- 4000/CGT and Urqs visit www.audi4000.com
    --- ACNA (all other models) visit ACNA/MAC website ACNA/MAC Website

    Help us get the word out!

    More details in the months to come...mark your calendars now!

    Morgan Evans (4000/CGT), Dan Jackson (ACNA/MAC), Gary Brown (UrqPG) Byron Brill (DKW), Rudy Cincala (NSU)


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