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Help ! Climate / Heater Control Problem

RICHARDJC Nov 20, 2004


    RICHARDJC New Member

    Can anyone out there help. My 95 2.6 A4 is now suffering from an uncooperative climate control problem. For some time the control unit has flickered etc but for even longer air would only come out of the screen demist vents regardless of which button is pressed. Whilst not ideal at least the screen would always be cleared. However out of the blue I tried to get the air coming out of the main vents and it did. However with the weather turning much colder I now need the screen demist to work and it now refuses to move air to the screen. I have used the on board diagnostics and get a message of 11.5. - Motor is cycled,software attempts to eliminate block. What does this mean and how can I remedy the problem?

    Also whilst I am at it the light that should illuniate the water temp has failed can it be replaced?

    Otherwise this car has been great, I bought it two years ago with 115,000 miles, it has now done 169,000 miles requiring only minimal servicing, the build quality is far better than my wifes 3 series.



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