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help changing brake pads quite urgent!!!

Jonesy Jun 25, 2008

  1. Jonesy

    Jonesy Member

    Hey, been working on my car all day and almost cried trying to fit the forge dogbone bush, omg how hard is it to do up using the new bushes!!!!

    Anyway now im doing the easiest job of them all and i cant get the damn caliper off to replace the pads!

    I have removed the 2 hexgon screws which are covered by the plastic caps and even removed the 2 bolts which hold the main part of the caliper to the car even tho i know this isnt needed. It wont budge even when hitting it with a mallet!

    Any ideas guys, its probably something simple.


  2. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    if the pads have had it get a screwdriver between pad and discs and wiggle until you get some give in the pads and disc. try not to damage discs though!
    if the pads are really low you piston might out so far its stuck so just keep trying.
    oh have you removed the spring from the front?
  3. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    Sounds like you need to loosen off the pads as sitrials said above, remove your brake fluid reseviour cap and carefully push the pads away from the disc to push the piston in.
  4. Jonesy

    Jonesy Member

    the pads were pretty low i think the piston was stuck, started the car and pressed the pedal a few times and this seemed to loosen it. Job done except a tiny bit of damge to one of the disks when i was hitting the caliper with the mallet. oops

    Managed to get new front droplink fitted, new forge dogbone bush, oil change, serviced forge dv, new pollen filter, new front pads and 1 new arb bush on rear, gonna attempt the other one another day as im shattered and gotta pick up the missus in a min.

    Thanks guys for your help


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