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Help central locking clueless Audi

Bubs Sep 23, 2009

  1. Bubs

    Bubs New Member

    hello all first post on the forum. my remote locking isnt working. The car went to birmingham audi for a service and i asked them to look at this. They changed the battery in the fob but this changed nothing. They then told me they tried to recode the key, while it was plugged in they said it was working but when they unpluged it, it stop working. As i only have the 1 key they cant try the spare. they have told me my options are buy a new key see if the keys the problem. 2nd option buy a new locking system if its not the key. they have told me they dont no what the problem is. Any help or advice would be appreciated. i have searched the forum but cant find anything specific to this.

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