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Help! Cabrio gearbox reverse gate fell off!

whizzo Oct 26, 2011

  1. whizzo

    whizzo New Member

    Hi all
    Hey wow, first post! How exciting! I picked up a '94 cabrio last year, she's got a good heart but I think she's been through the wars a bit. The main bits all work OK but so many little things seem seem to have, shall we say, "character".

    Anyway, the latest of these sprung up this morning as I set off to work. It put up a bit of a fight to get the gearstick into reverse so I wiggled it a bit and "Spang!", something metallic came loose under the gearknob. The car then went into reverse AOK and as I drove off I thought to myself "I bet that's the reverse gate that's let go." Sure enough it'll now slip into reverse frighteningly easily even at 60mph, without having to push down on the knob.

    I took the centre console out, took the leather gaiter off and undid the two nuts that hold the gearknob ball joint assembly in place and had a peek underneath, but at first glance it seems that the faulty part needs to be got at from under the car.

    Am I right in this assumption? Anyone got any experience with this part of the car, or a diagram so I can have a nosey around there myself? I'm hoping to get this one put to bed nice and quickly, as hopefully the reverse gate hasn't come completely loose and dropped out of the bottom of the car yet, never to be seen again. God knows where I'd find another one...


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