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Help- C/Locking 97(p) A4 2.6SE Auto

cashins Feb 24, 2008

  1. cashins

    cashins New Member


    Having fixed the radio - the c/lock has packed up!!

    It did however still worked fine after I sorted the radio (which was the obvious thought).
    The rear passenger door locking was 'lazy' when I bought it, but know its lost the lot. I have checked the pump in the boot, (which seems noisy close up), it runs and the rotor etc is all in one piece. However I cannot really feel any pressure/vacuum on the connectors, which does not seem right. The pump itself runs on for some time which, looking at other posts, would indicate a leak somewhere.

    It seems daft to start pulling out trim (hoping it all goes back with no damage!!), if it's the pump.

    Question is then: Should you be able to feel something at the 2 pump outlets and are there any known probs in the pump?


    ps Mr 'Nobody' has been at the pump before, as the cover is taped back on. Is it possible to put it back together wrong?

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