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Help - Bose CD Player

chrisross Sep 8, 2006

  1. chrisross

    chrisross New Member


    I recently purchased a S3 with a bose concert stereo and 6 disc multi-changer. When I was buying it the guy said there was a problem with the cd player though he didnt know what.

    The problem seems to be that the cd changer is connected to the head unit but when you press the mode button to select the cd player nothing happens. It seems to me (though I am a bit of a novice with these things) that the cd player isn't getting recognised at all as if it was some sort of cd error would be shown.

    Can anyone give me any tips where to start investigating this problem?
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    First check the connection at the back of the cubbyhole where the changer plugs into the loom. Maybe just a simple fix where it's become disconnected. It's right at the back of the cubbhole (towards the front of the car), past the rear seat belt reel and helpfully inacessible as you can only get one hand to it. That said I presume it's getting power? Can you eject the magazine?
  3. chrisross

    chrisross New Member

    Its getting power as I can eject the magazine - the connection of the changer to the loom seems ok (if I'm looking at the same connection).

    It sounds as its working as when you load the cd's you can hear them being checked though the cd player is not selected by the mode button and no error message appears!

    Could it have become disconnected (maybe intentionally?) at the rear of the head unit - If so how do I remove the head unit to check?

    I take it it can't be a dirty lcd player lens as I would get a error on the head unit if that was the case?

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