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Help - Battery drain (ongoing saga)

twist123 Nov 30, 2011

  1. twist123

    twist123 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Hoping someone can help me with a persistant battery drain, more info....



    Basically, batterys got a drain, no fault codes at present, was getting intermittent at convenience module till I repaired some wires in the door jamb. Hazard stays on solid all the time, all other electrics seem to be working fine, so is the alarm (as far as I can tell). Dash and interior door signals also all okay. Tried 2 new batteries, alternator is also fine, no blown fuses in dash. Once I Vagcom and clear a few modules (no codes but I clear anyway) the hazard goes off and drain goes away until I next drive the car. So im thinking something in the CAN system.

    Scanning now produces no codes, however, going into measuring blocks I get 2 different readings from the rear doors (these have winders). Front doors both go to locked and safe when I push the remote button. Really hoping someone can help as have tried pretty much everything and am losing hope.

    Thanks in advance


    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011
  2. IbizaFR

    IbizaFR New Member VCDS Map User

    Have you put a clamp amp meter on the + cable from the battery and checked the drain? The drain caused by the alarm and immobliser should be in the region of 300-500ma at most. How quick does the battery go flat?

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