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HELP - B5 RS4 airbox vac

Marc1 May 22, 2010

  1. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    Hi, hope someone can help. Recently noticed the vac pipe at the bottom of the airbox that opens the additional flap is not connected to anything. I believe this attaches at the back of the inlet manifold under the N75. I have roved the y ipe, airbox, n75 and other valves and loosened the black plate beneath but can only see one vac pipe that is short and loops round to connect to serving else under the middle back of inlet manifold and is connected. Equally the airbox hose only seems long enough to reach the n75 when stretched, so appears short
    but not snapped. Does anyone know if it connects anywhere else closer to the front? Also would removing the vac pipe from the airbox and forcing the flap open cause any issues or negative effect. Or would it be a bad idea to leave the vac pipe disconnected, will this let air into the vac system that could cause any problems?

    I can attach pictures or if anyone would be willing to ring me to talk me through any of this I would be very grateful.

  2. graemep

    graemep Member

    Removing the vac pipe is pretty common when cutting the airbox to get more airflow. When that is done it's best put a self tapping screw into the vac pipe to avoid any fault codes, etc.

    It's possible to remove the whole flap mechanism from the airbox without cutting the box, which I'd say is preferable to just jamming it open. It's fairly obvious what's required when you have the airbox out the car.
  3. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    Cheers Graemep, like you say the airbox end is fairly straight forward when the airbox is out. My concern is the other end of the vac pipe as I assume this connects to the vacuum system as as this seems not to have been reconnected or has come loose. I think it's that end than needs plugging, bit I can't seem to see where it connects to But am lead to believe it's somewhere at the back under the inlet manifold. :-(

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