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Help - Another Dual mass flywheel on its way out

amgad Feb 19, 2012

  1. amgad

    amgad Member

    Hello, so yes, on my 2007 A3 sportback 2.0 140cv BKD, first DMF replaced under warranty at 69.000km, and now at 131.000 the symptoms of it being about to die start to show again.

    When I turn the ignition of, the engine shudders with a clonking rattle hard metalic sound just after it stops, the sound comes from the lower part of the engine bay.

    Is it safe to say that the DMF is about to die again (same symptoms as last time), or could it be the shut off valve acting up?

    If it was the DMF, can anyone recommend LUK or SACHS? I seem to remember that LUK had an issue with their DMF's.

  2. - Jrd -

    - Jrd - Member

    DMF failure;

    On idle does your engine make a distinct rattling noise that is distinguished upon clutch depress ?


    Upon drive, does your gearstick vibrate.

    If neither then not DMF.
  3. amgad

    amgad Member

    On idle, no rattles no vibrations...smooth running.
    Upon drive, no gearstick vibrations.

    So if it is not the DMF, what else could it be?

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