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Help and possible solutions needed please.

reno85 Jun 29, 2013

  1. reno85

    reno85 New Member

    Hi all, iv got a 2001 facelift 3 dr Audi a3 pd130, I'm seeing if anybody knows anything about a couple of probs I got.
    Here it goes..........

    First when I cruising at over 55mph it sounds like the wind is coming through somewhere as I can hear it whistling into car, but not sure where??

    Secondly when I accelerate the noise of the turbo spooling has got louder, now iv read these do sound loud but I'm not sure, think there could be a leak somewhere, anybody know possible causes ie pipes leaking etc?

    And last one the cars done 66k and I noticed it was becoming abit tappie with the revs, idle u can't hear it but when I'm driving the tapping gets faster, I had a full service to see if it neede it but its still the same, any ideas on this?

    Cheers in advance for any info and help etc.
  2. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    Hello. Well for a start, 66k is not even worn in with one of those engines! A few of my mates have the in golfs and boras at 150k and 195k. Yes the turbo is pretty loud, even on the 90bhp models. Have you checked the oil level? Perhaps when it was serviced, they did not top it fully up and so it sounds tappety. What grade of oil has been used? Does the car feel less torquey than before?
  3. reno85

    reno85 New Member

    Thanks for reply, ain't managed to get on untill now.
    I've checked oil not long after an it looked ok, as for grade I'm not sure but it was at a Audi, vw specialist so hoping they know what they doing lol.
    Ermmm does seem abit lack but still pulls. Going to check the pipes and stuff see if any leaking, is there a way of checking easier?

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