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Help and advice please

gkf9 Sep 10, 2007

  1. gkf9

    gkf9 Member

    Ive had my car now just over a month,i bought it from the used car section
    0f Evan Halshaws ( Ford ) I took it into the Audi garage on Fri for a cambelt
    change doing, i dropped it off and the gf picked me up and we went out for the day.

    Got a phone call later on to say it needed a new Arb and a new pulley on the alternator due to it squeaking. Asked me if i wanted them to fit them cos they had the parts in stock..so after hearing it was going to be another £300 and odd quid i authorised them to do the repair because i wanted everything to be right wi the car.

    When i pick the car up Audi ask me how long ive had the car etc i tell them over a month,they then suggest i might be able to claim on the warrantiy (3 MONTHS i got wi the car) i totally forgot about this so get on the case!

    Now evans are saying i should of got them to do the work after authorization from them...and am not covered now..my arguement is i never recieved a warranty book with any terms and conditions from them so how am i to know that was the procedure?? Also the previous service from them(Audi) before i got the car said it needed a new ARB. Surely they should of not sold me the car when it needed a new ARB.

    Going to see the bloke Weds wi the invoices etc just wanted to know if ive got a leg to stand on?? ps this bloke is a right clever T**t and will no doubt
    try to run circles around me!!

    Thanks inadvance for any advice

    Ps sorry about my poor English Grammer:confused:
  2. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    You mentioned that "you forgot about the warranty".

    The place you got the car from will argue that it was your mistake in not following their claim procedure.

    It doesn't look good, unless you can out argue them...
  3. gkf9

    gkf9 Member

    But if i had got the book i would of read it before any of this would have happened...you know what is like when you get a new car..you tend to read all the stuff you get wi it???

    I even asked them if they would of just payed for the parts..they would have had
    to use them anyway?? Or a good will gesture after spending nearly £10,000
  4. doogleman

    doogleman Member

    No doubt they will go down every avenue to get out of this one. If there is a warranty on paper and you have it, then you might be ok, unless the fine print says you have to get the fix done with Evans.
    Id amagine they will argue that you not having the warranty terms is your own fault (not my opinion by the way).
    Good luck with it though, it always makes me angry to see people getting fvcked over. Let us know..
  5. gkf9

    gkf9 Member

    ok will do but i will just argue that they should of given me the warranty book
    when i drove away!! Worth a try i hope?
  6. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    Good luck to you mate I think you may need it, keep us posted.

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