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help and advice needed!!!!

s3chali Jul 6, 2011

  1. s3chali

    s3chali New Member

    ive converted my s3 apy engine (as it broke) and got a bam block & ecu but still need bam wiring loom or so the garage have told me but im confused help and advice on what i need and where to get it would be very greatful =] also need new turbo do i need bam turbo or can i just replace my turbo or would an aftermarket turbo be better..if you know prices or approx please tell me

    chali x

    AGU-TURBO Audi a3 1.8t AGU

    K04 turbo APY / BAM one has an EGT sensor and the other doesn't you can fit one from a bam and just block the hole for the egt up. All i no between them both is Apy's are narrow band and have no egt - Amk and bam are wideband and have egt's. I don't think you needed to change the ecu or wiring loom by puting a bam block in as they are exactly the same.
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  3. ci-ryder

    ci-ryder Member

    I take it you are going to be running the VVT on the Bam hence looking for the loom and looking to run the ECU? What has gone on your APY (aside from the Turbo) I think that Badger Bill on the forum can source you a recon'd K04 turbo as for going for an aftermarket Turbo are you looking for a lot of power from the car or would the 260 odd bhp and increased torque from a remap do for you? Budget could be a big factor there as just getting another K04 or getting your APY one rebuilt may be cheaper than going BT.

    Ebay and various other car forums may help yield the loom - msg anyone breaking a Bam engined car (S3/TT/LCR)/breakers yards

    I am not sure but could you ditch the VVT from the bam and just run with your APY ecu? - Hopefully someone will know

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