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HELP - Allroad seats are just too uncomfortable!!!

silverstealth Sep 5, 2009

  1. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    Jumped in my old A4 1.8TQS today straight after a drive in the allroad. Both same year, ie 2002, but difference in seats is marked. The Allroad seats provide no support (in any direction) and seem to be curved to deliberately not meet your back. I have a dodgy neck and this is a problem for me!

    The A4 (admittedly sport spec) has seats that I find very comfortable and supportive. I remember the RS6 seats that I tried before settling on the Allroad were very comfortable and would imagine the same would be true of the S6.

    Would these fit and allroad and, either way, do I have any other options?

    Apologies if I'm meant to post this somewhere else.

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