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Help! All the indicators are stuck on

wil892 Jan 6, 2009

  1. wil892

    wil892 New Member

    I have an 2001 A6 1.9tdi about a week ago the all the indicators were on when I went outside. When I opened the passenger door they went out. Within an hour they were all on again. Went to a garage and they unplugged hazard light fuse so the indicators worked but very quickly.

    I ordered a new hazard switch from Audi and put it in the car to find the same thing happening. However when I took both switches inside for a while both worked normally when I tested them again. To fully test this I left the old one plugged in with the lights on, and took the new one in to warm up. When I put the warmer one into the dash the lights work perfectly, then come on when the switch has got very cold again. This happens with both switches. I searched and found exactly the same problem in the middle post but no solution.

    The car has had a water leak from the bulk head even since I cleared all the leaves in the drain hole.

  2. TDI180

    TDI180 New Member

    Even if you clear the leaves, there still maybe gunk clogging the drain hole. on my 97 A4 i had to remover the battery tray to get to it... hopr this helps
  3. cheezeberger

    cheezeberger New Member

    did you resolve problem, i have same issue on 2000 avant after leaving sat for a few months passenger side was full of water now indicatorsstick on dorrs all show as open and central locking activates on its own. think main ECU is problem but not 100% no fault codes on anything.

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