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Help after new head gasket, loosing water??

evomaster3000 Feb 20, 2009

  1. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    I've just done a complete head overhaul and got it all back together, fitted new water pump while i was there and i've refilled the coolant, anyway basicially i filled it up slowly to let all the water get through the system after a full clear out.

    But the issue now is after getting her running it's lost/water level has dropped about 1L of coolant.

    This wasn't a fast drop but the car hasn't been properly on a run as it's off the road till april.

    Is it just the coolant re-filling the water jacket/rad/heater matrix? I can't see any external leaks, at worst i've somehow fecked the headgasket and it's burning water? but is this possible?

    I'm sure i fitted it all correctly but you never know, can't elliminate anything at this point?

    I did save most of the coolant from when i took the car apart, but did loose some, i'd say i saved 5L and so far topped up with 2.5L

    The exhaust is a bit smokey but this hasn't been running for 4 months and just had head etc cleaned out and not been run at temp/under load so no time to clear it all out.

    Anyway I'm going to give it a proper inspection and keep an eye on the level for now hopefully nothing to serious, at worst another strip and re-fit.
  2. t2myd

    t2myd Member

    audis are problems cars , just put new engine in mine ,got it out af a passat ,puting it in wasnt hard ,getting it to run is a nightmare , had to swap pumps to the audi pump as passat pumps are coded , then whilst putting belt back on found that 2 camm buckets were damaged im sick of it ,thatys what happens when mates borrow cars .my a4 is a real nace car ,its a 99 avant full black s4 interior rs4s and billstien suspension,:keule:
  3. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Hmmm tappets broken? mine was on 170k and they were fine, just one or 2 lost fluid and hence tapped alot!

    Now i've replaced them all it runs sweet as a nut!

    The water issue seems ok now aswell, i read up and the coolant capacity is appor 8 litres so 5 + 1.5 not enough, hence low on fluid.

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