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Help & Advice please - rear spring broken - 2000 A4 1.9tdi SE (115hp)

impster Dec 1, 2009

  1. impster

    impster Member

    Just got a broken rear spring.

    How much of a job to replace it (and the other side)?

    I see that the spring sits around the damper/shock absorber, so I presume it's not just a case of jacking up, compressing the spring and removing.

    Is it a diy job? Any 'how to' guides about.

    Any help massively appreciated (please!)

  2. moschino

    moschino Member

    This happened to my 1998 TDi
    I managed to get hold of a 2nd hand strut from the folowing contact -
    Overton Dismantlers
    Overton Garage Ltd
    off Dyce Drive
    Scotland AB21 0EQ
    Tel: 00.44.1224.722354
    Parts Fax: 00.44.1224.775451
    General Fax:00.44.1224.722457
    Email : sales@overtongarage.co.uk

    Easy job to replace.
    Jack car up and secure.
    Undo the main nut/bolt at the bottom of the strut. Remove the strut from its lower mount.
    Undo the top mounting bolts located in the boot under the fabric trim.
    Turn the strut a qtr turn to release it from the top mount.

    Either get hold of a complete strut or spring. Stripping the strut to replace the spring is a pain in the back side but easy if you make a mental note of the position of the parts.

    Goes back the same way it came out.

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