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Help / Advice needed with part number

LeeW Feb 28, 2006

  1. LeeW

    LeeW Member

    I've got a faulty 'Central locking Pump' on my A3 1.6se (year 2000), the part number on the base is 8LO 862 257 P.

    I've sourced one that looks identical and has a similar part number 8DO 862 257 E.

    Can anybody tell me if this part will do?

    Also do I need to have access to Vagcom when I replace it? The reason I ask is because the alarm sounds when it's disconnected and I'm wondering will it need resetting etc when I replace it with a new part?

  2. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    just call the parts dept. at your local dealer and give them the part code - they should be able to tell you if it will fit or not

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