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Help - A5/S5 Alloys on B7 CHassis Audi?

lochandubh07 Jun 17, 2011

  1. lochandubh07

    lochandubh07 New Member

    did anyone ever try putting audi S5/A5 Alloys on your audi?
  2. S3-N

    S3-N ?

    They're 19x8.5 et32 with a 66.6 centre bore so you need 66.6 to 57.1 spigot rings

    i was going to put some on my S4 with 245/35/19 tyres. They would have been fine on the rear but trouble was at the front it worked out as the equivalent of running oem S4/A4 wheels with an 18mm spacer which definitely would cause rubbing issues without messing with you arches

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