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antsav Sep 7, 2008

  1. antsav

    antsav New Member

    Had a problem yesterday with my 1.9TDI 130, Went through a huge puddle of water in a torrential downpour, The car cut out and would'nt rev much past tickover, On trying to rev it up it was blowing smoke out of the exhaust, I called the AA out and the guy took the throttle body off and said the thought it was the EGR valve inside, He blocked the EGR Pipe which bolts to the engine and sure enough the car started fine again, He reckons that this was coincidence with going through the water, I just can't see that to be honest !
    To make things worse on the way home last night after the car was running fine i went through another patch of water and the car had the same symptons again, Ticks over, When i let the clutch out it just dies under any load, My mates started to push the car and it mangaged to start moving but at only 10mph and when i came to a hill it just dies again, Can anyone help at all ?? Before i get a huge garage bill

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