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Help ; A3 55 plate engine management/temperature coolant issues.

heidimac May 23, 2010

  1. heidimac

    heidimac New Member

    I recently purchased an 55 plate Audi A3 Sport FSI in March, but at the beginning of April, the temperature coolant warning light came on. When I checked, it was a couple of centimetres below the minimum level, so I filled it up to the maximum. No problems since, however yesterday the engine was really juddering and the engine management light came on. I checked what it meant in the manual, and it just says get it to a garage asap.

    Today the juddering is worse and now the light has begin to flash so I didn't drive it. I checked under the bonnet whilst the engine was on, and it was visibly juddering. I also happened to notice that the coolant had dropped below the minimum again?? My warranty is up on the 16th of June, but will the 3 month warranty cover whatever people think this likely to be? I dont trust the dealership and Im just worried their going to try and fob me off with ' oh sorry that isn't covered by warranty ' because Im a youngish girl.

    Please help me with this, as my Dad is rubbish with cars and I have no one else reliable to ask.


    Heidi X

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