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Help! 2006 1.9 TDI Turbo Chewed!

lozatronic Aug 11, 2011

  1. lozatronic

    lozatronic New Member

    [h=2]Help! 2006 1.9 TDI Turbo Chewed![/h]
    Hi, i'm new.. and a female.. so please treat me gently.. i've come to ask for help as you lot all seem very knowledgeable and i'm in a right pickle.

    Car's only done £56k and i've got a warranty that will cover up to £1K's worth of work. I do about 50 miles a day, but always take care to let it cool down after a trek.

    Turbo was sounding louder when I was changing down in the low gears.. apart from that, was running fine, no smoke or loss of power etc. took it straight to garage after some reaseach on here as I know it's bad if it blows.

    Garage have stripped it and have just told me that something has chewed the blades.. imagining it's some rogue piece of something or other. They can't see the part that's chewed it. They did say it could be in the intercooler and want me to go in on saturday to take a look at it.

    Obviously don't just want to fit a new turbo as whatever it is could get blown somewhere I really don't want it to go as soon as the engine is restarted.

    So I guess the best course of action is to get them to look at the intercooler first?

    I've read that large foreign objects wouldn't generally get past the intercooler, is this true?

    If they strip the intercooler and don't find anything what would you recommend I do?

    Any help from you lovely folks would be greatly appreciated. ​

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