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help!!! 2002 2.5tdi in silver paint code

davidsmith110 Jan 27, 2008

  1. davidsmith110

    davidsmith110 its alright my lover ive only had five!!!!!

    hello everyone this is my first post so will give it a try....
    ive got a 2002 audi a4 avant 2.5 tdi ive had it 3 years and love it to bits.
    i live and work in germany and its the perfect car for driving across europe its big, its fairly fast on the autobahn and u get really good mpg...
    a month ago some german drove into the back of me and dented the rear boot and bumper.
    we didnt go through the insurance(to much hassle english-german) and i decided to repair it my self.
    got the job done just need to get it resprayed....... thats the problem.
    i dont have the service book for this car(i lost it)
    ive been through my manual it says look in the rear compartment by the spare wheel for the paint code on a sticker.
    i cant find it.
    if anyone can help just a little it would be great.
    details are 2002 audi a4 avant 2.5 tdi se in metalic silver.:icon_thumright:
  2. chris_20

    chris_20 Member

    firstly welcome to A-S. as the manual suggests there is a sticker in the spare wheel well with the paint code on. cant be much plainer than that really. is there an actual sticker there and u dont know which is the paint code or is the sticker missing missing???
  3. davidsmith110

    davidsmith110 its alright my lover ive only had five!!!!!

    well if there is a sticker i cant find it......... ive looked everywhere even down to looking on every door/engine bay/folding down the rear seats/ lifting up all the floor panels in the rear/ taking out the spare tyre tool kit etc.....
    im very lost have started to think its not there at all
    in the manuel it gives a guide to what the sticker looks like so i kinder know what im looking for...... but theres no sticker.
    have no idea what the next move is to do?
  4. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    The sticker is under the rear seat in the Avant. Pull the rear seat base up and the sticker should be there.. hope that helps
  5. davidsmith110

    davidsmith110 its alright my lover ive only had five!!!!!

    brilliant!!!!! i found it.
    really cant thank you enough. (pity u cant buy beers on this website ha ha)
    i can now go and get all the stuff to finish the job brilliant.
    thankyou both again.

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