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help !!! £1600 for ABS controller ?

sa8ahwe Dec 20, 2005

  1. sa8ahwe

    sa8ahwe New Member

    The ABS light on my 1999 S3 stayed on and the brake warning light started flashing, took the car to Audi and was quoted £1600 for the two parts required, which was the ABS controller and the hydraulic pump controller, which I am told come together. Part numbers 1J0907375AC and 1J0698217A.
    Any advice on what to do and the best place to buy the parts, maybe from a breaker would be much appreciated.
    Car stills drives perfectly, but without ABS, which I am not a big fan of anyway.
  2. You have a few options:
    - try sourcing a salvaged part from a breakers yard, probably the cheapest but riskiest route. Even though it may come with a warranty, it may still carry inherent faults which will only show up once you've gone to the trouble & expense of fitting it.
    - get a refurbished unit, they usually come with 12months warranty & may supply you with a controller or pump, depending on what you actually require. Look at www.bba-reman.com or call Linx (01949836362).

    I'm currently having the same greif with my ABS, so far i''ve waisted £600+ on fitting a refurb ABS module and sensor and still have the warning light. My main dealer has looked at it and have quoted me £750 (fitted) for a new ABS controller. I always assumed that the ABS controller & pump are supplied by Audi as a single unit but apparently not...

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