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  1. sdk778

    sdk778 Member

    Morning all, registered on here a while back and been lurking since, thought it was time to pop up and say hello!

    Been on Audifans for a while now, so i thought i would have a look one here as it came recommended.

    Current mules are a '98 A3 TQ - hooned around by 'er indoors, and my daily is a '96 A6 Tdi 140 with a few tweeks, recently bought this and i must confess i do like it.
    Previous Audis include a few different 80's, Coupe's, a 90, 100, A4, S2 and not forgetting an S4 which i miss, a lot.

    Anyway, there you go.

  2. -WAYNE-

    -WAYNE- New Member

    Hi mate, i have just joined and am hopefully looking for a s4 soon, read my intro thread to get a better idea of what i am after if you want. As an ex s4 owner could you advise on the car and basically what they are like performance wise.

    thought i would reply to your thread as no one else has:meeting: lol they aint replied to mine either, still early days.

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