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  1. S3KO4

    S3KO4 Member

    My audi A6 got stolen last night! one of the worst site to be honest. came out and the car was not there. I am talking about London Westminster, no signs of any broken windows etc, now I fear whoever did it is coming back for my s3 as well. I guess it was loaded onto a truck or something. I have no idea how some people could get away with it. Key is still with me so I hope it will be useless to them.

    here are the details:

    A6 siliver auto 1.8T K03
    on R251 ULT plate 1997.
    all colour coded bumpers
    a4 17" 5 spoke alloys, 5 headrests and and HID lights.

    the worst thing is I just did a 1 year road tax and mot on friday.

    yes I have called the westminster to see if they have taken it away, insurance knows and police are aware. but it is a bit hopless. do I need to tell the DVLA? would I be able to claim the road tax?

    please if you do see it report it to the police.

    thanks everyone.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2010
  2. luke2702

    luke2702 Member

    Sorry to hear your bad news, fingers crossed it turns up and they dont come back for the S3.....

    Hate thieving B*****D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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