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  1. silver_mase

    silver_mase New Member

    Hello, I to am new to Audi ownership. Had my S3 a week now, LOVE IT! Beats the heep of **** Pug 307 I had before that. (shouldn't complain tho - was VERY lucky, got given that by my folks!) The S3 is 3yrs older than my pug but had 30K less on the clock. I reckon it has been left for some time (year or so) then exported for a while then brought back. When it stops raining, going to give it a good t-cut and wax!
    Well, I lookforward to chatting cars alot, thanks!:arco:
  2. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    Lol - Welcome to the forum!

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