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Hello People

remslie20 May 23, 2009

  1. remslie20

    remslie20 Member

    Hello everyone,

    Traded in my 04 Fabia VRS last week for a 57 black A3 sportback 140 s-line. Apart from the overly firm s-line springs i'm loving it. The "to do " list is already half a page long so no doubt i'll be pestering the a3/s3 guys for their abundant knowledge on the car!

    Things that i will be doing very soon though are a revo remap as my vrs was a good bit quicker in standard form and i'll be changing the s-line springs for H&R's. Can't decide on 35mm drop or 50mm drop on atndard 18" wheels though so any opinions advice would be appreciated. I would prefer the 50mm drop but is there any difference in firmness between the 35mm and the 50mm and would i have any issues with rubbing if i had a full boot or back seat passengers?? :unsure:


  2. JJBS3

    JJBS3 Member

    Hello Mate! Loads of good knowledge and info here so you've found a good spot!

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