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Hello - Newbie Here - Questions/Recomendations Wanted

davemark Jul 31, 2009

  1. davemark

    davemark New Member

    Hey All

    Hopefully once my old car has sold i will be buying a 2004 (Pre Facelift) Audi A3 3.2 DSG

    Unfortuntly i cant afford the facelift model so going to have to get the 2004 version pre facelift and slowly over time collect enough parts to do the facelift conversion , i have searched alot on this forum and i believe i need the following parts.

    S3/A3 Face lift bumper
    Facelift Grill
    Face Lift Bonnet

    Do i need any more parts ?

    Also im wanting to change the old looking preface lift steeering wheel to the one after but of course having a DSG box i will have the flappy paddels , my question is can i put the DSG Steering wheel from a S3/A3 facelift moddel onto mine with not much issue?

    lastly the sort of money im talking about means the car will have quite high millage around 80-90k is this an issue is there anything i should look out for on the DSG boxes or engines on high millage cars .. any common faults etc ?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions :) looking forward to getting one :)


  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    Yes, I think you need the slam panel as well but have you considered a votex front skirt?? and de-chroming the grill? I did this to my A3 TDI as I did not want to facelift because I knew I would get another A3/S3

    Yes you can but you will need to upgrade the slip ring possibly and maybe even the control module - does your current steering wheel have multifunction??

    DSG, if faulty, can be a very expensive fix. Try find a 3.2 with FSH or FASH so you have some come back. Good strong engines anyway and as long as the car is well maintained then there shouldn't be much of any issue.

    I do not think there are many 3.2 owners on here but if you join a R32 forum I am sure there will be plenty of owners on there with 80+k on their cars!
  3. davemark

    davemark New Member

    cheers for the quick reply , i dont actualy have it yet just looking to get a plan of what i need before i get the car , cant afford it yet need to sell my two vauxhall astras first yes im comming from vauxhall lol

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