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Hello my Audi is broken

Uknowiama Jan 21, 2008

  1. Uknowiama

    Uknowiama New Member

    Just thought I'd say hello, found this site whilst trying to get more info :detective2: / help as my Audi is broken :mad: after driving over curbs of a traffic island.

    Its an Audi 80 TDI. Nothing special, but does the chore of getting back and forth to work admirably. That was until I hit a traffic island on Friday night.
  2. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Firstly, welcome to the forum.

    Between yourself and repooca the new-recruits aren't having much luck this weekend.

    I'm not sure what to advise regarding what's happened to your car (saw your post in the Misc. Audi forum) aside from getting it thoroughly examined and take it from there. I dare say if it needs a drive-shaft and some suspension bits you've got a reasonable chance of sourcing the bits you need from a breakers for reasonable money though; so while there's never a good time to have to pay for repairs it might not be as bad as it sounds...

    All be best in getting it sorted, and again, welcome to the forum...

  3. Uknowiama

    Uknowiama New Member

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for that. Yeah I need to get it to a garage to find the problem. The only problem being that I just moved to Hereford and I dont really know of any good garages.

    I took my Honda Prelude to a garage in the city centre to have an outer cv joint replaced and they broke the inner joint :!: They said that they would source me a replacement driveshaft (breakers, etc) and fit it for gratis. But I never heard back from them. I haven't exactly chased them about it (run up to Christmas and all that). But when I picked that car up they said it was alright, within 50 yds of driving it I knew something was broken, so it looks like they didn't even test drive it. So am aprehensive about using them again.

    Well I've got one more night shift to go (hence the odd time for posting) and run the Mrs' to the airport tomorrow (in her car). It'll be Wednesday before I get a chance to look at it. In the meantime I'll call some garages and get it booked in somewhere and also start researching breakers.


  4. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Hello and welcome.
  5. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    Hello U, welcome to the forum.
  6. funkidiva

    funkidiva big up and respect to all mankind, one love

    HI, welcome.

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