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Hello, I am new

orb Nov 9, 2009

  1. orb

    orb Member

    Hi people. I am new, please be gentle!

    Just thought I would post up to sey hello.

    I am 28, from Carlisle and I flog cars for a living.

    I have recently become the owner of an A4, 1999 V reg Avant in black met, 2.4 Petrol, Tip Auto, Full Cream leather, EVERY option of the day down to the load liners and alloy spare.

    110,000 miles with full Audi service history including 2 cambelts, all old mots and the like.

    I bought the car off my father, he bought it four cars ago and he could not bring himself to part with it as he loves it so much, I finaly got it from him after selling him a nearly new A6 to exactly the same spec with more toys.

    It will be the wifes car to replace the Mondeo Ghia TDCi (oddly enough, this was one of his old cars and looked after to the same standard)

    I wanted the A4 from him for ages!

    I am eager to clean it up a little and make it as close to new condition as I can, it does not need much, just a good valet and maybe the top of the bumper painting up.

    Can anyone ell me a bit about my car? what I mean is, model/phase code, bhp, known issues and things I must do to make it better!

    I wont be driving it much, it will be the wifes car to smike around with our 2 year old and the new born, but I like the cars looking nice. I drive Demonstrators and, well anything with tax. I also have a 205 GTI Track day car thats a bit quick after some modifications!


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