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hello -help with grill selection please

v8jas Dec 17, 2008

  1. v8jas

    v8jas I love v8's vrooom

    :blackrs4:hello to you all, new to the forum, my car is 2003 s4 b6 naggaro blue ,mods so far cat back custom exhaust, i have been thinking of changing the front grill any ideas ? have looked at holfe upper grill but they dont make lower grill to match (want rs4 honeycomb type) . dont want to go down the b7 look route just like the honeycomb effect.
  2. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum mate. Wow, that's a great colour for the S4, care to share some pics with us all? :whistle2:

    As for the grills, I kind of think you've got the best looking grills for the B6 already. Perhaps you could make the lower out of an additional RS4 style upper and a new lower frame??!!

    If you do decide to change them and want to sell your S4 grills let me know, I'd probably like to take them off your hands :sly:

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