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hello, from Portugal....

Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by Rui Carneiro, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Rui Carneiro

    Rui Carneiro New Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    hi there to everyone....My name is Rui Carneiro,i´m 29 years old and i´m portuguese, from a beautifull city, called Mirandela, maybe you have already heard about it , once that one leg of the european jet-ski championship, very famous and whith lots of british contestants.. happen´s here, in my city... in Tua river...
    so, i´m owner of an a3 8p 2.0 tdi from 2003, the atraction version....and i´m a mail-nurse for living... ( i dont know how to say masculine gender, hope it is ike i did..)
    so, i think it´s all....
    i have some doughts about some problems of my car..., hope to get some help...

    ps:sorry, but my english its quite rusty....more than i expected...lol

    best regards
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra MODERATOR
    Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter TeamMisano quattro Audi S3

    Sep 12, 2010
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    ​Hi Rui, welcome to audi-sport.net. Head iver to the a3 8p section and you will get help in there. Your English is really good. Enjoy the forum. :) x

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