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Hello from down unda

ConS3 Dec 26, 2013

  1. ConS3

    ConS3 Active Member

    Hey guys. New here. Long time VAG fan. Have had four...MK3 GTI, MK5 GTI, MK6 GTI, and a Roc R.

    Time to switch to AWD! Picking up a 2014 Misano Red S3 fully loaded (minus the roof rails, as I was on the fence about them and couldn't decide.....and now I'm having second thoughts haha) at the end of January.

    I've always been into the mod scene as well, so will look for some sort of tune down the road, and the other basics (intake, IC, super crazy huge massively big turbo, etc).

    For now, I've done a wheel swap with a friend, and he'll be taking my stock S Perf Pack wheels/tyres in exchange for his 19" OEM 5 arm rotor wheels from an A4 + 235 Conti 5Ps. Organized the dealer to put these on for me for delivery. I'm a huge 5 spoke fan. Should look like this:


    Lookin forward to learning lots from you all!
  2. JimmyH

    JimmyH Active Member

    Very nice dude, welcome to the forum.

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