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Hello from a soon (fingers crossed) to be S3 owner and need some help

S3clouty Feb 3, 2010

  1. S3clouty

    S3clouty New Member

    Hello ,
    Just registered and thought I would say hello and do the whole annoying newbie questions.
    Im familar with the 1.8t engine as I owned a mk4 golf in 150bhp trim which I modified upto a respectable 238bhp :) But early January on the way home managed to find some black ice and killed my pride and joy.

    Now the reason im posting on here it to ask for some helpfull hints on buying a S3. As I stated im not new to the 1.8t and know about dodgy water pumps ,coil packs and cam belts all too well but anything else I should be checking chasis/haldex wise ?

    Thanks and Hello


    Ps if anyone does have a s3 for sale in the South East of England then please message me
  2. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    Hi Steve, welcome to A-S.net

    Things to look for are, roof rail corrossion, as all A3/S3 8l's seem to suffer to varying degrees, also check bottom of door for corrosion as well. cambelt as with all 1.8t engines must be done on time, and do the waterpump as well to save big labour cost later. Haldex oil and filter every 20k miles often overlooked but can be done DIY so not a biggie, use good quality oil and change it every 10k miles, AVS generally frowned upon compared to regular 10k service intervals. Other than that just look for the usual used car thing and try to find a good example with good history, if you are looking to modify big time then try find one with the mods already done as this will save you a klondike, but make sure it's been done by an enthusiast owner properly not some ham fisted muppet. These are expensive cars to buy and run but we all love them. Hope this helps, post photos once you have your new S3.

    Oh and Silver ones are faster.

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