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Hello from a noob.

CALLAAA May 5, 2004


    CALLAAA New Member


    Hello, everybody.
    Because I type so slowly, I'm just going to cut and paste my message from audiforums.com, which seems a little bit deserted.

    Guten tag,

    Allow me to introduce me. My name is Tony Faye. I'm a Navy helicopter crewman, flying out of NAS North Island, San Diego, in the Peoples' Republic of California. I'm married, with 4 kids, all of which are listed in my signature.

    Last week, I had convinced my wife to go look at cars, just for the hell of it, but aside from continuously griping about our GTP, I wasn't really serious about buying a new car. Well, that was last Sunday, and something changed between then and Friday night, when we bought a 2004 A6 2.7T S-line. We drove a regular 2.7T and loved it, so when we finally take delivery of our Dolphin Gray Metallic S-line, we'll hopefully be just silly-happy with it. It comes off the ship, sometime in the middle of the month. Unfortunately, I will be at sea when it comes in, so my wife gets to put mile #13 and up, on the car.

    This car encompasses a few firsts for me. It's my first European car, my first AWD, my first turbo, and this car cost more than every other car, I have purchased to date.

    So with that, I'm going to take a look around, and see what problems I can expect, so I don't start asking re-run questions. I have picked up some bad vibes about reliability, mainly from Consumer Reports. Are we in a lot of trouble, here? Awww, whatever. It’s too late now!

    I’ll see you around. (if I can find any Audis, in the sea of 3-Series Bimmers)


    OK, so that was a week or so ago. I have since returned from sea, and I have put about 400 miles on the car. I love it! It hadnles and accellerates really well, for such a heavy car. Aside from the smoke coming from under the hood, /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif when I shut it off the other day, I love everything about it. I've heard stuff about older Audis and car fires, and I really hope that's not a factor anymore.
    I'll see you around.
    '92 SHO
    '01 GTP
    '95 Z
    '04 A6 2.7T S-line

    CALLAAA New Member

    I also have one question to which I can't find the answer on this site, or by a search on the internet.
    Once I realized that I might buy an Audi, I started looking for and looking at Audis on the freeway. I didn't really see TOO many (see my 3-series comment above) and A6s are pretty scarce. And then I realized that I had never seen an S-line before, and I still haven't. So I looked around, for some production numbers, of all types of Audis, but I can't find anything. Can someone point me towards a site that will tell me how many 2.7T S-lines were made? I'd really appreciate it.
    Before I looked it up,I asked my dealer how many there were, and he told me that the S-line was only found on the 2.7T, and that they were pretty rare. OK, I'll believe the rareity thing on the 2.7T, but then I saw a few? other cars with the S-line package. Good work, Mr. Dealer.

    So that's all for now.
    Thanks everyboody.

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