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Hello everyone!

daviscup Jun 19, 2007

  1. daviscup

    daviscup Member

    Hi guys just a quick hello to everyone from a newbie. Been going through the old "will I wont I" discussion with myself about ordering a new S3 for the past few weeks, but I think the devil in me has finally won through :) The one area of the spec I'm still undecided about is the bucket seats. They look amazin but the thing that worries me is the quality of the leather. I know the R32 guys over on TSN have been having problems with theirs. I really dont want to pay £1650 for something thats gonna look poo in 3 years and mabye actually detract from the re-sale value of the car! So anyone with an S3 had them for a while now and how are they holding up?
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Hello mate.

    I haven't got them so can't really comment but some people do say they are a nightmare for rear seat passengers as they dont tilt forward to allow passengers in the back ( they only slide forward towards the dashboard). Another comment is that the leather is so soft they really will wear in the future and getting out crushes the side bolsters so this could be a issue later.

    Yes they look great but worth £1650, in my opinion NO!

    For that price you have to live with limited rear seat access, no side airbags (yes I know audi say you don't need them as the seats are specially designed but I know what I'd rather have!) and no electric adjustment.

    In my opinion bin them and spend the money on speccing it up more!
  3. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Got to agree with Jam S3, i thought about the buckets but was advised by the dealer not to get them and also its alot of money for seats when you already get two.

  4. daviscup

    daviscup Member

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I agree they do look great but could well be a pain to live with from day to day. Thing that concerns me most though is the leather quality, and for that reason I think I'm going to leave them and spec the black/silver nappa leather with the standard seats instead. The S3 I drove last weekend had this and it looks fab.

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