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Hello everyone

A5sprint Feb 25, 2013

  1. A5sprint

    A5sprint Member

    I've just signed up to the forum and thought I'd just pop in and say hello.

    I recently bought myself a 2010 A5 2.0TDi S-Line Special Edition Coupe in Ibis White with 19" Y alloys.

    I'm still getting used to it after having a remapped Alfa Romeo 147jtd m-jet for 7 years, the A5 is a lot bigger and more comfortable although not so nimble. I'm very impressed with the lack of road noise even on the 19s and all the toys are brilliant.

    I test drove a 2.0FSi, 3.0TDi and an S5 before settling on the 2.0TDi. I loved everything about the S5 but couldn't justify the running costs. The 3.0TDI was very nice but again the costs would be a bit high and I couldn't find one with all the toys I wanted. The 2.0FSi was very quiet but lacked the pull of the diesel.

    I've attached the original sales photo of the car which is not very good quality but I'm waiting for the sun to appear so I can clean it up and take some of my own.

    Audi A5.jpg
  2. Stampie

    Stampie Member

    Hi matey and welcome to the forums.

    I too am new to the A5 after upgrading from a A3 1.9tdi, we couldn't help ourselves and fell in love with the 3.0tdi.
    Otherwise it's like yours, 2010 3.0tdi quattro S-Line Special Edition.

    What gear is yours loaded with? Looks like it has the Black Optic Pack?

    I bet you are well happy, ours just gets better every time I'm allowed to drive it :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
  3. A5sprint

    A5sprint Member

    Hi Stampie,

    It certainly is nice to drive. Ideally I would have got the 3.0TDi but I specifically wanted a low mileage, 2 year old, S-Line Special Edition in White with as many toys as possible, but after looking nationally for about 6 months all I could find were 3.0 quattro sports or the 2.0. Nothing wrong with the QS, just not what I wanted.

    As for the gear, you've correctly spotted the black optic pack plus it is de-badged, has full black S-Line embossed leather, heated front seats, tri-zone climate, auto xenon lights, auto wipers, auto power-fold mirrors, MMI 3G high with sat-nav and voice activation, B&O sound, rear parking sensors and start-stop.

    A couple of things I would have liked are the interior light pack and DAB radio but I guess I can't have everything lol.

    After reading good reports on this forum I have just ordered a tuning box from Andrew at DTUK to give a bit more oomph!
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2013

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