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Hello Audi fans

StateOfPlay Nov 7, 2009

  1. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    I am a recent convert to AUDI.

    I previously owned Mercs, but after driving an AUDI I am now an AUDI fan.

    I got a new Merc in feb this year, after waiting 4 months for them to deliver the great "new" C class I was unimpressed. It was better than the previous C class, but still didn't feel great when driving.

    I bought an Audi A4 Convertible, 1.8T Sport, and it was a class apart from the Merc. The drive, handling, and ride comfort were far superior.

    So I sold the Merc! 2 months after buying it brand new. Thats how bad it was!

    I am really happy with the Audi, it feels really great to drive, and driving through the country lanes to work each day is a real pleasure, and something I look forward to.

    Love it!


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