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Hello and welcome to Autograph Cars forum

Discussion in 'Autograph Cars' started by Autograph Cars, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thought it was about time we got on board ASN! For those that don't know us we are a 4-Man team of enthusiasts based in Burnley Lancashire, that will take on just about any project that's thrown at us. Collectively we have massive experience in the industry and try and offer impartial advice and great value. We are the Exclusive UK distributor for Raderwerks Wheels (Raderwerks Wheels) and Klutch Clothing (Clothing) and also distribute SSP Performance DSG Gearbox products and Injector Dynamics products as well as the usual tuning products that you all know and love.

    Andrew - Manager
    Remapping, mechanics, electrics, accounts and other generally pants duties!
    Barry - Sales
    Ex Dubsport Manager, diagnostics, general sales and help / advice
    Steve - Auto Electrician
    Audio, Accessories, Security, Diagnostics
    Scott - Mechanic
    Time served workshop technician
    Josh - Apprentice
    Well, he's an apprentice!
    Samantha - Director
    Web stuff, legal stuff, and lots of motor industry experience... and a car enthusiast / girl racer!
    David - Director
    Ex UK director of Blaupunkt / Bosch, sources new products and blue chip clients

    On top of all this we are proud to have just been chosen as AmD Technik's representative in the North-West... We are now AmD Lancashire! As far as remapping goes we offer the entire range of AmD software, GIAC software, Unitronic Big Turbo software, and also provide our own custom software for people who want stuff fine tuning. We also provide custom DSG Gearbox software that we have developed in house.

    So for any help or advice, general servicing and repairs or crazy tuning projects just contact us on 01282 433344 or info@autographcars.co.uk

    Thanks for reading,
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