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Hello and the usual question from a noob

kidge007 Mar 25, 2008

  1. kidge007

    kidge007 New Member

    Hi all

    Looks like the RS6 section is a bit quiet.

    Got my 03 RS6 in November, had been lurking and looking around the forum so that I got a good one.

    As far as I can tell, its a mint one, private seller known to a friend, allways looked after, serviced with nothing left unfixed. Only one owner and completly standard, even came with two spare wheels because he changed then after he curbed the car!!!

    Very happy with the car in general, but dont get to drive it as much as I would like, because I have a bike to get into and out of London.

    And now the question. My other two cars have aftermarket I.C.E. not small systems either, but old now because they were done over 10 years ago. They were not built for max volume, but quality.

    The other day a dance track from the 90 came up on a cd compilation in the car, so I thought I'll see how the stereo performs.... to be honest.... I could not believe how bad it was, at... well.....not that loud.

    Is that standard!! Looking around the forum, most of the Q&A are about A3's and their setups, what can be done to an A6?

    Looks like a good forum and a nice place to be with a lots of knowledge available.

    thanks guys and girls

  2. V8burble

    V8burble New Member

    TBH I think you will get more complete answers from an Audio - Audi forum... Have you looked on AudiWorld's audio forum? There are some no-it-alls on there.
    Not wishing to send you from here, but it looks like you've waited for long enough hey.

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